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height: approx. 11´

This cottonwood sculpture was inspired by a verse of scripture (Revelation 4:6-8.)

The floor around the throne was like a sea of glass that was crystal-clear. At the very center, around the throne itself, stood four living creatures covered with eyes front and back. The first creature resembled a lion, the second an ox; the third had the face of a man, while the fourth looked like an eagle in flight.

Each of the four living creatures had six wings and eyes all over, inside and out. Day and night, without pause, they sing: "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, He who was, and is, and who is to come."

height: approx. 10.5´

A cottonwood sculpture commemorating Logan County's Centennial, consisting of several bold dauntless figures representing the incredible tenacity of those surviving life on the plains. All figures partially united and in common support to symbolize the necessity for a cohesive element within the community. Figures forming an overall winged appearance to illustrate our flight through time, and into the next hundred years.

height: approx. 16´

Elm tree sculpture located in Sterling's Columbine Park

The Rams

height: approx. 7´

Elm Tree Sculpture of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Quoted From Sterling Journal-Advocate
Friday, January 03, 2003

sublime sculptures gave Sterling its famous nickname "City of the Living Trees" since his first local creation was unveiled nearly 20 years ago."

"I'm inspired by Scriptures. That's my driving force."

"His spiritual sense is mirrored in his work, which has included "Seraphim," a multi-faceted sculpture of creatures like the lion and bull described in Revelations 4:6 and his more recent "Exordium," seven white angels blowing their trumpets from Revelations 8:6."

"Retold time and again, the story of how Rhea's illustrious trees started sprouting throughout the town has become one of Sterling's classic tales."

"Noticing several trees tagged for removal because they'd been infected with Dutch Elm disease, Rhea asked the city for permission to remove the diseased bark. He then carved the designs that have graced the rural town, transforming the dying cottonwood trees into "living" ones."

"Although Sterling's "Living Trees" emblem stems from a tree-planting program, it is now more commonly associated with Rhea's trees, which he no longer carves."

"Today, Rhea - ... gets to carve his sometimes heavier-than-20,000 pound sculptures out of his dream material: marble."

Exordium is completed and available now!
For the details to aquire this exquisite Marble Sculpture
called Exordium, Beginning of a Sermon (Revelation 8:6)
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